Journal No.8

The View on Life and Death in Chuang-tzu
KOSAKA Kunitsugu ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・1
A Study of Collaboration Model between the Administration and the Private sector
IWAKIRI Michio ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・23
Environmental Information Provided on the Websites of Japanese Prefectures
IWATA Motokazu ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・35
Global Strategies of Tire Manufacturers for the Growing Economies of Asian Countries
USHIYAMA Yukio ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・45
On rebuilding of retail banking strategies of Japanese banks
KUMAGAI Masayoshi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・57
Convergence of Global Accounting Standards and Japan
TATEMIYA Tsutomu ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・69
A Study on Congressional Control of the Bureaucracy
TAMURA Naohiko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・81
An analysis of ASEAN
-ASEAN’s Economic Development and its Problems-
HORIUCHI Hiroshi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・91
The Truth Behind Kim Jong-Il's "Military-First" Policy
MIYATA Atsushi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・103
The Present and the Future of Mileage Points in Business Currencies
YASUOKA Hiromichi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・113
The Immersion Program in Sapporo Agricultural College
-A Case Study of the Graduates 1880, 1881-
AKAISHI Keiichi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・125
Akihito Shima’s Start as a Poet
-Focusing on his Relationship with Utsubo Kubota-
OKAMOTO Yumiko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・137
The Story of Creation in the Bible and the Kojiki
MATSUMOTO Keiko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・149
‘Gratitude’ and Modality
-Necessity, Possibility, Contingency-
ASANO Akira ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・161
Shojikan of the Typical Japanese Recluses in the Middle Ages (1)
-The Transformation from Shiseikan based on Afterlife to Shojikan based on This Life-
OYAMA Shinichi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・173
Reproductive Health
-Duties of school nurses to support development of sexual awareness for female students in junior high schools-
TAJIMA Estuko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・185
The Relationship between God and Human beings in Late Nishida Philosophy Examined with Kierkegaard's thought used as a clue
FUJISHIRO Yuko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・197
Problems with University Museums in Japan
MORISHIGE Noburo ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・209
Factors Affecting Motivation of Public Junior High School Teachers
YAMADA Tomoyuki ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・221
A Study on the Measures to Understand Citizens’ Concerns
-Case of Niigata Prefecture’s Basic Environmental Plan-
IWATA Motokazu ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・231
Global Strategies of Tire Manufacturers for the Growing Economies of Eastern European and Latin American Countries
USHIYAMA Yukio ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・241
Ideological Bias that Represented in Mass Media, and Voter's Perception
KIMURA Jun ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・253
A Limit of a Customer Segmentation Strategy of the Japanese Banks by Using the Customer Information
-Switching from a Customer Segmentation Strategy to a Customer Enrichment Strategy-
KUMAGAI Masayoshi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・263
International Accounting in Japan: A Career Anchor Case Study
TATEMIYA Tsutomu ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・275
Characteristics of China’s Traditional Economy and Society and their Development Possibilities in the Late 19th Century
WADA Tamiko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・285
ISHIHARA Yoshiro’s Haiku and Tanka
SHIBASAKI Satoshi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・295
A Study of The Scarlet Letter
-Chillingworth and His Alchemistic Transfigurations-
TAKABA Junko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・303
The Role of Judicial Interpreter
-Language Equivalency in Courtroom Interpretation-
MORI Masako ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・315
What do We Know about Earedness?:
ISHIZU Kiyoko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・325
Shojikan of the Typical Japanese Recluses in the Middle Ages (2)
-The Transformation from Shojikan Based on this Life to Universal One-
OYAMA Shinichi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・335
Effect of Art Education on the Career Self-efficacy for Junior High School Students
YAMADA Tomoyuki ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・347
Psychological and Behavioral Influences of Experiencing and Threats of Organizational Restructuring
TANAKA Ken’ichiro ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・357
Current Status and Issues of the Utilization for the Promotion of Generic Drugs
TATEISHI Kayo ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・367
The Relationship between Congress and the Bureaucracy
-The Principal-Agent Model Analysis-
TAMURA Naohiko ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・379
Analysis on the Parliamentary Election, Kyrgyzstan, 2007
-North-South Regional Factor and Exploitation of the Ex-Soviet Political technology -
NAKANISHI Ken ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・389
Attitudes toward Environmental Change surrounding Japanese Automotive Parts Manufactures
MORI Hironori ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・401
The narrative structure of Jane Eyre and the Lord’s Prayer
ONO Fusae ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・411
A Study of J.R.R.Tolkien’s ‘Leaf by Niggle’
-an Artist as a ‘sub-Creator’-
KAWAHARA Yuka ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・423
Graham Greene’s Criticism for E. M. Forster
MATSUYAMA Ken ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・435
Shojikan of Bushi in the Middle Ages (1)
-Aspects of the Middle Ages Bushi’s entering into religious life as recluses-
OYAMA Shinichi ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・443